tHow are you doing?
I hope you’re well.

But in any case, I’m going to tell a joke.

This is one of the unique jokes I know.
It was my mother who told me years ago.

“Do you know why they put a trampoline on the North Pole? … For Polar Bear!”

This don’t make any sense in english, sorry.
In portuguese, “polar” sounds like “pular” (to jump).
But, I hope you got a smile!

I believe that happiness is the answer to all the problems in the world.
And my goal is to bring happiness to the world, 1 smile at a time.
With games, arts, projects.

I’m Christhian (with 2 hs), and I make things.

People also call me Gruhh.
Some time ago, I was Gruhn.
And a long, long time ago, my nickname was R4M0N3S… Good times, when I had a mohawk and blue hair.
(If you don’t know what a nickname is, it’s what we called the username in the early 2000s.)

I state that I am a maker of things, and want to learn about everything, all at the same time.
Plus, in the process, I like to teach what I know, and I aspire to help everyone (that’s why I told you a joke).

I do projects and websites since GeoCities.
I did a social network of political debates for young people when Orkut was starting.
I created a piece of software to narrate soccer matches on an IRC channel.
I was Top 5 on an iBest (but you probably shouldn’t even know what that is, and it’s okay, it’s past).

I prefer the present.
Now, I keep making things on the internet.

Some are here on the website, look at the menu up there.
Others are out there.
Others, I never talked about.
Others, I post on the blog criar.xyz.

(I need a synonym for “others”, someone sends me an email.)

If you aspire to talk, I admire conversations.
Look for me on social networks.

And, what can you teach me today?