The Stories of Caelum

About the Project

“Caelum was a very old library, which for a long time had safely kept the knowledge of the world. With a mysterious beauty, he mixed the countless shelves with artifacts from many different places … Tob wakes up in a room and begins exploring the corridors and halls meeting various challenges, many rooms are locked and he needs to continue. Soon he realized that this place was different, and the stories seemed restless. He will venture through these stories trying to understand more about Caelum.”

– Immersive Narrative Action and Adventure Game
– Puzzles and challenges of reasoning, perception and skill
– Played with the keyboard or control
– Several interlinked stories
– Game located in Portuguese and English
– With closed caption
– Project under development by students from Curitiba, Brazil

This game was developed and distributed as a conclusion to the Digital Games Technology course.


Concept and production of environment art for the game in development (Artstation)


Computer game
Demo version available for download
Official Facebook

Demo Version Available